Adventure Games


Exploration helps create an exciting adventure. It is exciting to discover new worlds during your journey. Minecraft HTML5 is a fun adventure game that allows you to explore and create brand new worlds. is another exciting game that allows you to put your creativity to work. You get to explore brand new worlds, collect resources, and use your imagination to build magnificient structures.

Role Playing Games are popular adventure subgenre that involve character development and turn-based combat. Arcade Hippo offers many popular RPG games including Endless Fantasy.

Play Free Adventure Games

The Adventure genre covers a wide variety of different games. This ranges from turn based RPG games, action-packed adventure games, or creating and exploring brand new worlds. Arcade Hippo offers a large selection of HTML5 games that can be played for free in your favorite web browser.


What are the most popular Adventure Games?

  1. Minecraft Classic
  2. Minecraft HTML5
  3. Miami Crime Simulator 3D
  4. Red Bounce Ball 5
  5. The Island Survival Challenge
  6. Red Ball Forever
  7. Mine Clone 4
  8. Adam and Eve 2
  9. Adam and Eve 4
  10. Adam and Eve: Go

What are the best Adventure Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Minecraft HTML5
  2. Red Ball Forever
  3. Adam and Eve 2
  4. Adam and Eve 4
  5. Adam and Eve: Go

What are Adventure Games?

Adventure games are a genre that features interactive story driven gameplay and.or puzzle solving. Embark on magical journeys through vast landscapes as you collect items and solve puzzles in order to reach your next adventure. Many adventure games are single player and they allow you to construct civiliations and explore massive sandbox worlds.